Engine Shop

Aerotech is the only Approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization in Zimbabwe and amongst the few in Africa with an Engine Overhaul and Repair facility with sophisticated equipment to carry out:
Piston Engine Overhauls, Top Overhauls, Component Overhauls, Repairs, Corrosion Inspection & Treatment

Capability list include:

Continental Engines

  • O-200 Series, O-300 Series, O-470 Series, IO-470 Series, IO-520 Series, IO-550 Series, TSIO-360 Series, TSIO-520 Series and many more.

Lycoming Engines

  • O-290 Series, O-320 Series, O-360 Series, IO-360 Series IO-320 Series, IO-720 Series, TIO-360 Series, TIO-540 Series and many more.

Rolls Royce Engines

  • O-240 Series
  • O-300 Series

Pratt & Whitney PT-6 component overhaul such as: F.C.U, Nozzles

  • Aerotech
  • Aerotech
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